Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

i was dead until this moment.

institute stomp.
nothing what i imagined it would be.
we danced harder and longer than i can ever remember.
i maybe also was pushed into the middle of those dance circles.
you know the ones. 
i tried to get out of it, but you know. there were chants and pushing.
i gave in.
it was the most embarrassing/dope boy fresh thing that happened that night.
besides us dancing in the plaza in front of the library. and getting complimented on our dancing.
or just going crazy in general. it was wicked awesome.

today, i was actually myself. and it was the best feeling.
and i finally know what its like to be in college... and i think i might like it.


Whoa. we may or may not have gone a little crazy tonight. met our new friend Cory Patterson. bomb. college might be ok now:) lets do this. its go time.

a proper tribute.

A Proper Tribute to The King of Pop. Michael Jackson is definetley our favorite.

Happy Birthday.

a big blue book.

in sophomore year, i decided that chelsey, katrina and i needed to document our lives.
so, with that being said, we each had a book.
we would write our adventures, our failures and our triumphs.
along with many boy stories. 
i read mine today.

lets just say, i'm glad we did this, because we were stinking funny.
and stupid, but mostly funny. 

and now i'm at college, turning this blog into my newer version of the book.
i hope it turns out as well as that one did.

so here is to the biggest adventure yet.

*cue happy dance here*

Something fantastic happend this week.
I made 2nd chair in the top Wind Ensemble where i will be playing lead Alto.

and I made 2nd chair in the top Jazz Band.

Woot Woot!! its go time.:)

things are begining to look up for me and its kinda exciting.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Our Dorm stinks. really bad. we have named this odious stench Bertha. But we think a little bit of Glade Apple Cinnamon Air Freshener will do the trick.

barefoot in the rain.

when it rains, i drop everything i have and go dance in it.
today was no exception.
chels and i ran through the rain (and sprinklers) and were screaming and laughing.
it was the best. it was the cherry on top of today. 
college is looking better and better each day, and i'm grateful for that.

go badgers!

Snow Day.

Today we went to a carnival and got airbrush tattos and our faces drawn by a genius caricature artist man. We cleaned our room and walked to walmart. what an eventful day. we talked for hours and hours about boys and first kiss stories with our room mate sariah. we smiled to much and laughed alot. today was a good day.

today was a good day. maybe between the nice walk through the campus, the Model photo shoot or maybe even the skype call dance parties. Madness has struck room 103 C. and i really kinda like it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

automatic win.

we did something different tonight.
we focused on the good instead of the bad.
we had a dance party and skyped with each other across the room.
took obnoxious pictures and laughed more than we have the entire time we have been here.
we sang our hearts out and cooked mac n' cheese.
we called our moms and guessed where kaitlyn was going on her mission.

and we promised each other that it would get better.

our college life.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

this is my sanity.

Sometimes college is super stressful.
Nope all the time college is super stressful.
For some people to relieve stress they read a book, some will nap, and some just cry.
I play my saxophone. this is my sanity. this is how i will make it through this 9 month thing we call college. wish me luck.
college? bring it on.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

midget size. is that rude?

our dorm has all sorts of quirks to it. 
for example: our shower.
please take note that ephraim has a breed of its own, 
but i don't think they are all this short.
its a problem.

another problem? there are 5 girls in our little apartment.
and in 4 days we used an entire roll of toilet paper.
this is an issue. 


this is what the first day of school looks like.

the very 1st.

well kids, classes start today.
to say i'm nervous is an understatement.
i'm down right terrified.
i don't feel old enough to be here.
and it doesn't help that i'm missing people like crazy.

but i guess everyone feels like this on the first day..

Monday, August 22, 2011

start fart.

Freshman orientation started today. It is know as Start Smart. but Mandi calls it Start Fart and it kinda stuck. hence the title. It was super long and obnoxious.

We kinda branched out today. We were only in our dorm for a grand total of 30 minutes. bannk. We talked alot about how college makes us wanna vomit on long walks to and from walmart. Where Kelsey and i decided to make Reckless purchases. I bought a web cam and she bought a 24 pack of mt. dew. NBD. It's like whatevs.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

a formal sunday dinner.

i can here you saying this is gross. stop that.
try it, then tell me its gross. i won't believe you.

we like to get fancy down here at snow.
chelsey even has her pinky out.
we believe in sophistication.


day two.

I find myself constantly thinking about boy, and writing down days that i can go home, so i can see so called boy. College is a happy place i know, but its the living here that im not so ok with.. yet. Today we doodled to make our dorm a little more... Homie? Roomie? whatevs. Thats the most branching out we've done so far.

Not sure what we'll be eating yet tonight. I was thinking grilled cheese and tomato soup. Its sinning hot in our rooms. i guess thats what happens when there is no AC. Heres hoping the power doesnt go out again.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

day one.

we are two girls. trying to survive college one day at a time.
no, we are not true badgers, and we don't plan on becoming one.
but it does add some spice doesn't it?
we thought so.
welcome to the college life in ephraim utah,
where there are more sheep than students.
(and turkey's)