Friday, April 20, 2012

Shes Great.

my fantastically amazing best friend kelsey made a lovely video of our adventures at snow college together from our first semester. its really is fantastic. i like her alot. and she is definetley a keeper. you should watch it. here. it basically sums up or awesome life hiding in a dorm. we made it hecka awesome. Kels made college so fun. we did everything. flour fights, dance parties in our room, fort building, cooking shows, mt. dew runs, fashion shows, you name it we've done it. Shes one of the best friends any girl could ever ask for. love you Kels!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 I want to adopt 2 beautiful chocolate babies.
they slay me. just look.
i took that photo right dere.dope.
I eat mac and cheese with ketchup.
I think pajama pants are overrated.
I think about the future way to much.
I have my wedding planned on pintrest.
I like dancing in the rain.
I eat Nutella by the spoonful. 
I have an obssesion with shoes.
and shopping.
Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie.
I listen to Justin Bieber too much.
and uhh.. i like it. sue me.
people usually know me for my abstract lingo
im cool. its ok.
or at least i like to think that.
I want to go to Europe again
with my best friends. soon.
I dont adapt to change very well.
I dont want to grow up.
I act like im 5 most of the time.
My best friend gets his mission call in 2 1/2 months.
i love mustaches to much.
pictures are the greatest.
my best friends are better then yours.
im sorry its the truth.
Im finishing my first year of college.
next week. ew.
i just realized something.

 I graduated. a year ago.
Im getting old.

Monday, April 16, 2012

blame it on the changes.

sometimes i get lost. and i dont know what im doing anymore. school gets rough and i just want to sleep all day long. i feel like sleeping helps me hide from all my problems and i temporarily dont have to worry about them anymore. i miss people, want friends back. miss my family. theres so much i wish i could change but i dont have the power too. i try to give space but all that does is make things worse. i feel like anystep i take will set off a bomb. so i sit. and i dont do anything. and that doesnt fix anything either but it sure as heck doesnt make things worse. or does it? i would like my best friend back now please and thankyou?
 the end. and thats my rant. lovely eh?

oh. and i heart these songs as of now. theyre fantastic.
boyfriend- jb hecks yes

on the bright side i only have to put up with school for 2 more weeks.
and then its summer. supa b.a.

Monday, April 9, 2012

City Creek.

this is us. ya we know. we are pretty awesome.

sometimes we plan to go to the temple in salt lake and someone forgets their temple recommend... *cough* Jess *cough*
so we go to city creek instead.
 hard core.
love these girls.
theyre kind of awesome.
never a dull moment with these two.

uh.... can i have a free spy kit??
why is that women passionatly kissing that horse?
i think i need a napkin.

no guys really... i neeeed this!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


well. i guess im next. im prolly the last person in the blogosphere doing one of these so.. im gonna break the rules a little bit. not that it matters cause im pretty positive no one even reads this blog anymore!:)

1. Post rules of game so no one gets lost.
2. Post a photo and 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer questions that were given you by tagger.
4. Ask some questions for those you tag to answer.
5. Tag some people to do this all over again.

1. My favorite food is grilled cheese sandwhiches and tomato soup. yes i am the best chef around. nbd.
2. I have an obsession with shoes. its bad. love me some oxfords.
3. I'm extremely OCD with my pictures and decorating my walls.
4. I love the sound of laughter.
5. I love the smell of rain hitting the hot pavement in the summer.
6. I secretly have an inner hick inside to me.
7. Strawberry Days is my favorite holiday.
8. Lace, floral print, stripes, and anything vintage slays me.
9. I love Love. I plan my wedding too much on pintrest.
10. I wish i could fast forward the next three years.
11. Mustaches and Argile socks make the world a happier place.
Trinas Questions .
1. If you could re-live one event in your life, what would it be?
Going on a tour to italy. the night on the balcony, stargazing in Rome with boy.

2. Do you like tomatoes? Why or Why not?
no. because they are dross.

3. What is the one movie that gets you crying the most?
The Notebook. and Disney Movies. everytime.
i cry at anything and everything.

4. Where is the most interesting place you've been?
Hot pots at 2 in the morning.
5. What was your favorite childhood game?
Anything that involved a trampoline.

6. What is the weirdest food you made in your kitchen?
Fruit Pizza with Jordan. so so weird.

7. What is one thing that drives you up the wall?
When girls burp. discusting.

8. If you had the chance to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Switzerland or Rome, Italy.
now you.
what actor/ actress do you find most attractive?
what is your number one on your bucket list?
who and when was your first love?
what is your favorite smell?
what is your favorite clothe store?
what is your dream job?
what about your dream vacation?
dogs or cats?
what are you addicted to? (i don't want any serious confessions.) ;)
what is your favorite gift you've ever received?
what was your last act of selfless service?
now that every one and their dog has been tagged in these, how about you just do it if you want to.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Go Conference.

             General Conference is one of my favorite times of the year. It always comes just in time when i need it the most to soak in some inspiration from the spirit and help me with problems i am facing in my day to day life. I had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake and watch the Saturday afternoon session with my best friend Trina and her sweet room mate. The spirit was definetley present and i am so beyond grateful for the gospel in my life! i would be lost without it. Now to my favorite parts of this years Conference!!

  I may or may not have peed my pants a little when i saw this amazing missionary in the Choir Saturday afternoon.

Favorite Talk:
Paul B. Pieper

 "Because we see through a 'glass darkly' and do not know the 'meaning of all things,' at times we may feel vulnerable and in need of greater spiritual assurances."

Lately I have been praying alot about a specific question in my life and have recieved many answers concerning the matter. But even tho i had recieved the same answer so many times, i repeatedly over looked it and kept asking the same question to know forsure I was recieving the right answer and it wasnt just me. I prayed for an answer in conference to my problem and this is the answer i recieved.

" If you desire a further wittness cast your mind upon the night you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know the truth of these things. Did i not speak peace unto your mind concerning the matter. What greater witness can you have then from god. Rely on Spiritual Assurances already recieved when our faith is challenged."

After hearing this the, Holy Ghost testified and confirmed to me that what this man was saying was true and was a direct answer from God.
you should definetley watch it--->

I just love this man.

BUT  my most favoritest part of this whole conference was the hearing the MTC choir sing Called to Serve Him.:) In the next few months my very best friend in the whole world will be turning in his mission papers to sacrifice 2 years of his life to God and to the lives of all those whom he will convert. I am so insanely proud of him for making the right decision to serve. he will be the most amazing missionary ever!! He is so selfless and only wishes to make God happy because he loves him. I am so grateful to have such an amazing example in my life and love him with all my heart.

Go Conference.
 You have been good to us this year.