Monday, April 16, 2012

blame it on the changes.

sometimes i get lost. and i dont know what im doing anymore. school gets rough and i just want to sleep all day long. i feel like sleeping helps me hide from all my problems and i temporarily dont have to worry about them anymore. i miss people, want friends back. miss my family. theres so much i wish i could change but i dont have the power too. i try to give space but all that does is make things worse. i feel like anystep i take will set off a bomb. so i sit. and i dont do anything. and that doesnt fix anything either but it sure as heck doesnt make things worse. or does it? i would like my best friend back now please and thankyou?
 the end. and thats my rant. lovely eh?

oh. and i heart these songs as of now. theyre fantastic.
boyfriend- jb hecks yes

on the bright side i only have to put up with school for 2 more weeks.
and then its summer. supa b.a.

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