Monday, September 5, 2011

The Weekend.

I believe my weekend deserves not one but two posts. No worries. This week was so perfect. When we drove into town and saw the big G on the mountian we almost started crying. There was definetley much rejoicing. I spent most of my week with the Sibs and boy. we'll just call him Kip:)
 I love love my sisters and my mom. We went shopping together on saturday and naturally we had to all stop at Taco Bell. dont worry, its definetly neccesary. I got to sleep in my very own bed, in my very own room. it was fantastic. It's crazy how much can change when you leave for just 2 weeks. Sister made Lead Trumpet in the Jazz band, Other Sister made the Shakespear team for drama, and Brother is still just the crazy Rockin Sports maniac. I'm so stinkin proud of them!! I really missed Mom and Dad too. just getting hugs from them all made this week seem so much more doable. This week is going to be amazing. Huzzah to Labor Day.

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