Wednesday, July 18, 2012


to one of my very best friends in the whole world.
we met in that awkward stage of life we call Jr. High.
we were in the band.
obviously that meant we had to be friends, right?
i was awkward.
you were awkward.
instant connection. we were awkward together.
then on to highschool.
we decided it would be great to be in the marching band.
all we did was goof off. and thats what made it so worth it.
there was never a dull moment in our friendship.
we did anything and everything from gandies runs. dance parties in parking lots. stamp wars. apple juice runs.  hiking to the very top of timp to see the sunrise. playing our 'dumb song' in seminary. lunch parties at your house. ditching band to go do crazy stupid stuff. getting caught by mr. B but repenting with a doughnut. getting six packs of rootbeer and climing to the water tower to talk about life. our dreams. and basically everything. crusin in mah grama car belting justin bieber and one direction. in our words 'boy band of the century'. pad wars in disneyland. old lady voices. your obnoxious laugh. goin to maceys. ery. day. doughnut runs. tower talks. bus break downs. coloring parties. truth or dare.NO TOQUES MI FRIJOLES!! constant dance offs. plunger soccer. 8 people, one locker. eat it. drawing murals in the band room lockers. the blue men. THEEE stash. pg pool all summer. yours and trinas awkward love. helping me pack for college. you, me, trina, carson. we were thee gang. in your words the original best friends. the friends that will always be there and stick it out for you. thee gang. or prolly the coolest people evs. no bigs. pants off dance offs. dont worry not as sketchy as it sounds. 'be coo man'. our paligamist family. jazz band. or at least... when youd show up;) too many high school musical jumping photographs. soooo many memories. basically.... we were just the coolest kids on the block.

Brian. you have always been such an amazing example to me throughout our friendship. I will miss you more than words can express. i will miss your loud awkward goofy laugh. you were called on a mission to mexico, but God has something even more amazing in store for you. you will be one of HIS missionaries in heavan. helping all those to come unto christ. you have such an amazing spirit and glow about you. God needs you now, and you will do amazing'll be one amazing missionary:) you are one of the best friends any one could ever ask for. to all the amazing memories and legacy you left behind.  i love ya brian!
your friend,

cant wait to see ya again bud.

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