Thursday, July 12, 2012

The trip of a life time.

one year ago yesterday i left on one of the most crazy amazing adventures of my life, with some of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. i had the opportunity to travel with my band to Europe for 2 weeks to perform in many high profile jazz festivals, all over Switzerland and Italy. I would do anything to go back. it was the most amazing experiance. seeing everything from the beautiful swiss alps, to the coliseum in Rome. and meeting the most amazing kid, who is now my best friend. We had the most amazing time and i really hope i'll have the chance to go back again someday! 
heres a little glimpse into the best 2 weeks of my life;)

meeting attractive italian men

plankin e'ry thing in sight at the airports

airport in  switzerland

beautiful streets in italy

Systine Chapel- *no pictures allowed* opps.. dont worry, after taking this photo i went to a confession booth.

the Duomo

Montreux switzerland!:)

being dumb in the airport


Favorite people in the world

who can say they played a giant chess game in the middle of the swiss alps?


jazz festival



streets of switzerland!

Freddy Mercury!

i saw a real live NUN! chowin down on pizza. no bigs.

holy. real. live. Jew.

almost died taking this picture. luckily someone pulled me out from in front of that bus.. haha

swiss alps

it was the most amazing trip ever and i got to spend it with some of the greatest people ever. i miss it so much!!!:)

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