Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a birthday.

theee greatest day evs.
August 15th, 2012
So the day started out like a normal birthday. my mom made my favorite breakfast.
 we ate. opened presents. and parents went to work. so my siblings and i watched my brand new dvd.
 One Direction- Up All Night- Thee Live Tour.
best. video. ever.
so much love for those 5 men.
So then my grandma decided to take us out for lunch. and obviously we ate at pizza factory.
 i could never ever get sick of their pasta.
After lunch we went home. my mom had planned to take us all to City Creek.
 but she told us we had to dress up all classy.i figured we were just going to a fancy resturaunt.
  so we get to city creek and my mom asks "whos hungry?"at this point i felt genius.
i knew she wanted to take us somewhere classy for dinner.
wanna know where she took us? the food court.i ate Subway.
 heck  i looked so fetch classy eating my foot long samich.
 eons later...we finally finished eating and i was so glad cause this was such a painful 'suprise'
on the 'drive home' my mom wanted to show my grandparents where i performed in one of my bands
a couple years earlier at the galivan center.we drove past it and on the the capitol theature as we were passing i pointed out that Wicked the Musical was playing that night.
and all the sudden my dad pulls over and drop us all off. so my mom acts like its completely normal and says  "we just thought itd be nice to see if they have any standby tickets for tonights performance..it worked last time!"
 I thought it was a joke.
a sick, sick joke.
 what are the chances that theyre gonna have 8 empty seats.
 not likely.
being sarcastic i lean over to my uncle saying "just watch out of no where mom is just gonna whip 8 tickets out her butt pocket and be like oh yaa happy birthday!"
  then it happend.
soooooooo SUPRISE!!
i went to wicked on my birthday.

happy birthday to me.
youd think thats the end.
i did too.
but theres more.

 we watch the amazzzing performance
and it was real great.

  so anywho, plays over and we start heading out of the theature back to the car.
we had to walk a block to get to the parking garage and then 3 flights of stairs.
  when we finally get to the parking garage
   my mom whips out the camera and starts filming me asking all sorts of nonsense questions
 then all the sudden who pops out from behind a wall?...
this boy.
thee Jordan Wright
and starts singing
a birthday serenade

i may or may not have died a little inside.
 it was seriously the best birthday in the entire world.
 this boy is crazy amazing.
and he is defs going pro someday

He sang ' My favorite girl' by the Biebs.
it was suuper neat.

 that boy right there leaves on a mision to Toronto, Canada in 4 months.
and i couldnt be more excited for him.

 and thats why my birthday was better then yours.

here it is on video- super great.
 the end.

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