Monday, September 17, 2012

one hundred and seven.

sometimes this is how i feel.

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and loosing you.
life happens really fast.
in a blink of an eye everything changes.
sometimes you wish time could stand still for only a moment.
you live off of memories.
you miss how things were
wishing they could be the same.
but knowing they cant.
for now.
and all you can do is pray for things to be alright in the end.
Gods timing is right.
put your faith in him.
life has no rewind buttons.
no fastforwards.
no skips or stops.
and once we figure that out we need to learn to live our lives in the moment.
to savor the good times.
remember when you felt so much love in your heart you thought it would burst.
when prayers were answered. and contiually are.
learn to rely and lean on the lord.
though you are in darkness right now.
the Lord Loves YOU.
and will help you through it.
no matter who you are.
one day everything will make sense.
and you will understand why you went through that darkness.
You are strong
You can do hard things.
The Lord is on your side.
dont ever give up on him.
for he has never given up on you.

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it will ALL be worth the wait.
until then this song shall be on repeat because i heart it.
 give it a listen. you'll love it too.

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