Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Las Vegas. 
prolly had the best time. ever.
we did everything.
watching movies.
walking down the strip.
hot tubbing. e'ry night.
eating out.
Micheal Jackson Live concert.
dance parties to the car.
jords MJ dance moves.
8 beds. 7 people. 8 TV's.
are we spoiled much? 
best family in the world.
too many smiles.
too much laughing.
total bliss.
magic shows.
puzzlin it up.
we be super BA puzzlers.
three 500 piece puzzles in 2 nights.
did i mention we are BA?
holding hands through big crowds.
walking through 4 queens christmas lights.
watching big bang theory with savvy.
so much candy.
serenades on the guitar.
spilling mac n cheese all over mah shirt.
wetzels pretzels.
breakfast for dinner.
steak. i think mine was still 'moo'ing
new york new york 5 times in a row=sore sholders.
waking up the boys each morning.
micheal bubles christmas album.
because its still the best.
kisses on the cheek.
gambling with Shaurnold.
feel the power.
having the best time with the best family for a week.
and basically feeling like this everyday.
ridiculously swerve.
this trip was amazing and exactly what i needed.
complete bliss.
i am the happiest girl alive.
i love this family with all my heart.
they're kind of the coolest people alive.
7 days until my best friend leaves for the mish.
and im so excited for him. 
he will be the most amazing missionary.

all in all, my christmas break was better then yours.
that is all.

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