Sunday, December 16, 2012


i love my friends.
squishin' in the grandma car.
crankin the jams.
almost missed the trax. 
hipster Jesus with a mustache. 
temple square Christmas lights.
bag pipes.
"peace be on your soul" "oh i want peace on my soul too!"
Justin bieber and one direction t shirts.
"is that really a man??"
walking around downtown.  
fortune cookies.
panda express.
flat tires and wet socks.
cuddling up in blankets to keep warm.
holding hands.
"ahhh, what are you nuts? are you trying to turn me homo?"
watching troll 2.
and laughing uncontrollably.
piggy back rides to the car.
slipping and falling .
snow ball fights bare foot in the snow.
goodnight kisses.

and thus ends the most perfect friday night. 

"can we get married here?"

2 years. worth the wait.

Toronto, Canada
Jordy Ray 2013-2015

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